“We live on a blue planet, that circles around a ball of fire, next to a moon that moves the sea… ”

Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look at that which inspires me and I love to do most – design, art and photography.

Like most people, I love a good story, whether it´s reading a good book, watching a movie or catching up with my friends. Stories touch our hearts, resonate with us, inspire us and remain in our hearts & minds because the story is telling us something about ourselves. A good story, might give us a new perspective, inspire us to believe in oursleves or give us the courage to take action.

I believe, that whether it´s a person, a brand, a design, or a piece of art, everything has a unique story. In my work, I´m focused on capturing the essence of a story, whether it´s with my mobile camera, through painting, collage or developing a design strategy.

My wish is to inspire you with my visual stories.

Connect & Create. 

Birte Thurow

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