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“All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then listen.” (Sanaya Roman)
“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” (Seneca)

Since the Spring of 2014, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and recovering my creative self. Expressing myself freely through art, whether it´s with the paintbrush or the camera, has become an increasingly important part of my life. Painting, drawing or taking photos inspires my writing and journaling. The writing helps me to bring order to my emotions and thoughts, which arise during the creative process.

I have developed a series of questions which help me set my intention or theme, which then guides me, giving me a clarity and direction during the creative process, e.g.:

  • Why have I chosen this particular image, what does it mean to me?
  • What feelings arise when I look at this image?
  • Imagine myself being there, in the picture, describe the scene in detail - what exactly do I see – (360° view), what do I hear, smell, what else is happening? (writing)
  • What do I feel when viewing this chosen image? (writing)
  • Intuitively I choose one word that summarizes my thoughts or attracts my attention – this may become the central theme of the painting or just a starting point (sometimes I take this one step further and give some more thought as to how I want to express the theme through colour, texture, light etc.)

This type of process helps to increase my awareness, deepening the connection to my soul during the creative process. I am currently taking part in a series of workshops, in which I am learning to trust the creative process and to honour all that is created, without judgment. Learning that it´s not about the result! An intriguing, challenging and rewarding experience. Please see my blog for more details.


The images shown here are just a small selection, for more of my work, please view the Art Gallery.


I love to capture the world around me, through the lens of my mobile phone. In particular, I´m interested in photographing nature and holiday experiences. The series of paintings “Boys” was inspired by a series of photos I took whilst on holiday at the Baltic sea. What fascinated me about the scene, was the boys' ability to be completely in the “Now” – an ability which we as adults, find so difficult to regain.

Boys I –“In the Now”
Boys II – “Freedom”
Boys II – “The Guardian”
Boys IV – “Trust“

(Original acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60 cm and 70 x 50 cm. A limited number of fine art prints are available on canvas. Contact)

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ABSTRACT – Colour Composition I, II, III and IV

“Each painting has it´s own way of evolving... When the painting is finished, the subject reveals itself.” (William Baziotes)

This series of abstract paintings explores the relationship of colour, light and movement, the central theme being - to bring light into dark. The technique is always the same, applying broad strokes of colour, one on top of the other, layering, creating depth, aggitating, revealing, layering, etc. The process is very fast and completely intuitive, but it is very important for me to have a clear intention, a vision or inspiration before I start the work. If the intent is not clear, I lose my way, become uncertain and struggle to find harmony in my painting.

One of the central elements in many of my paintings is the use of gold – I´m fascinated by the luminosity, the reflection of light and how it influences other colors – at times it reflects and shines, at other times it appears blunt and looks dirty, depending on how it´s applied and the angle of direct or indirect light. I´m also intrigued by gold as a symbol of value/worth, and it´s association with perfect or divine principles, e.g. golden ratio, golden rule. Does the use of gold increase the perceived “worth”of a painting or object? It is a theme which I will continue to explore in future...


(Original acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm. A limited number of fine art prints are available on canvas or aluminum/ Alu Dibond)

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FOTO-ILLUSTRATION – The lightness of being a Cat

I love cats! And by the number of cat videos posted on YouTube, I´m not the only one. What inspires me most about cats is their ability to set themselves in scene. Posing, naturally. And their often, seemingly human-like behaviours. This series of black & white images was inspired by my tomcat Luke, he loves to stretch himself and it looked like he was flying, through dreams,  on clouds... so I worked on reducing the surroundings, including the reduction of colour, to an absolute minimum, so as to enhance the feeling of lightness. Reducing the image to black and white, helps to focus on texture and pattern, as the eye is no longer distracted by colour.

(Digital foto art, Photoshop - these images are available as limited prints, either on canvas or fine art paper, pasted onto a lightweight aluminum board, size 100 x 80 cm, other sizes available on request)

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