01. 01. 2021

“When the Soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her, and steps into it” Meister Ekhart The biggest challenge I faced in this final session, was coming to terms with “finishing”. I am so used to working under time pressure, towards a deadline, making sure that I finish on […]

Asking questions

“An art piece is never finished. It asks a question that we answer, and then asks another question.” I had a very calm, connected session today, no major challenges. The biggest challenge was getting started, I procrastinated for whatever reason and hence put myself under time pressure. I´m sure many of you know what I […]

The freedom of getting lost

“As we walk along the way, the way appears” Rumi Let’s think of the freedom that poetry offers the poet…the term “poetic license”. Poems can offer suggestion, are metaphoric (visual metaphors), often richly symbolic, atmospheric, evoke mood and quality… Have meaning… Poems don’t need to adhere to grammatical rules or structures… Painting can be very […]

Why challenges are good

Today session, Nr.4, was the most challenging session to date – in hindsight, I can also say that it was the most powerful session, in which I learnt the most about myself, learnt to honour and trust myself, trust my inner expert and the creative process and that I will be guided. So I apologise […]

About this blog

Birte studio
Birte Thurow

Awakening Spirit & Heart
through Art (ASHA)

My intention in writing this blog is to share my experiences as I journey on the path of re-discovering and growing my creative self. This is a continuous process and has been incredibly healing for me personally. It is my wish to inspire and encourage others to discover and use the transformative and healing power of art for themselves.

The intuitive art-making process has touched my spirit deeply and opened my heart, in a way I never thought possible. It has taught me to be gentle with myself, it has given me courage and strength to move forward, beyond my limitations.

“Don´t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you.”