22. 02. 2019

Art&Soul – Session 7, 26.09.2018

“When the Soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her, and steps into it” Meister Ekhart

The biggest challenge I faced in this final session, was coming to terms with “finishing”. I am so used to working under time pressure, towards a deadline, making sure that I finish on time and not only that but that what I deliver is perfect and contains no mistakes. Could I “allow” myself not to finish? What if I didn´t finish? What would be the worst that could happen? Nothing. Despite trying to remind myself that there was “no finish line”, that I could continue with the art piece in my own time, whenever I wanted to, it made no difference. I was on edge, found it difficult to fully let go and relax and just enjoy the process. But I tried and one of the biggest gifts in the past weeks, is being able to recognise and observe what is happening, and sometimes I even manage to do so without judging 😉


31. 01. 2019

Art&Soul – Session 6, 21.09.2018

“An art piece is never finished. It asks a question that we answer, and then asks another question.”

I had a very calm, connected session today, no major challenges. The biggest challenge was getting started, I procrastinated for whatever reason and hence put myself under time pressure. I´m sure many of you know what I mean, you push something out until there is just about no time left. I have become much better at giving myself time in the past months, I have learnt that giving myself time, means being kind to myself. Self-compassion. Like most things, it requires daily practice;-)


30. 01. 2019

Art&Soul – Session 5, 31.08.2018

“As we walk along the way, the way appears” Rumi

Let’s think of the freedom that poetry offers the poet…the term “poetic license”. Poems can offer suggestion, are metaphoric (visual metaphors), often richly symbolic, atmospheric, evoke mood and quality… Have meaning… Poems don’t need to adhere to grammatical rules or structures… Painting can be very simliar to poetry…

Such an inspiring briefing today, thank you Michelle! Michelle sent along examples of artists who have created poetry paintings for inspiration. I loved letting myself be inspired by these masters: Chagall, Salvador Dali, William Turner, Beezy Bailey, Deborah Bell (floating symbols), Willie Bester, Dali, Klee (clay), Chagall (“Paris Landscape, “The Dream”), Beezy Bailey (“Citation”, “African Harvest”, “The End of Harvest”).


15. 11. 2018

Art&Soul – Session 4, 24.08.2018

Today session, Nr.4, was the most challenging session to date – in hindsight, I can also say that it was the most powerful session, in which I learnt the most about myself, learnt to honour and trust myself, trust my inner expert and the creative process and that I will be guided. So I apologise for the very lengthy blog today, but I did feel the need to share the many insights ☺

My first challenge was getting started, I had moved my workshop to Thursday, so that I would not be rushed by cleaners, or children etc. The problem was that I didn´t stick to my starting time, I kept pushing it out, putting other things first (client emails) which was stressing me out and putting me under pressure.


05. 11. 2018

Art&Soul – Session 3, 17.08.2018

“I am mesmerised by my creative output. I am inspired by myself. I am in awe of my ability. I am humbled. I am so grateful for this gift, this opportunity. Tears of gratitude flow as I watch and listen to my soul speak to me / through me. This is me. This is what I love, this is my gift to myself. I feel at home & I can´t wait to explore more.” This was the beginning of my free writing, I felt my heart opening as I learn to love and accept myself and my abilities. The session was such a beautiful experience. Thank you, Michelle, for guiding me along this path.


14. 10. 2018

Art&Soul – Session 2, 10.08.2018

My second session, I´m bursting with both excitement and apprehension. Working from home means that I´m constantly distracted, and if I´m not actually distracted, then I find things to distract myself with – hanging up the washing, taking out the rubbish – as if everything needs to be perfect before I can start!? Eventually, I settle in, set up my table, pull out my art materials and look at the brief in front of me. For a short moment, I panic, remembering that I hadn’t quite finished my homework… what if it´s important? What if it isn´t? Nobody´s there to ask for it, and nobody will reprimand me for not having it ready… only my inner critic. I relax. I close my eyes, breathe in deeply and breathe out, observing my breath, immediately I start to feel calmer. I let go. After 10 minutes of meditation, I open my eyes and light a candle. This is a wonderful ritual and I´m wondering if I should integrate it into my daily routine before starting work in the morning – just taking a small moment to connect, set an intention and light a candle, to help remind myself to stay in the now.


09. 09. 2018

Art&Soul – Workshop, Session 1

My intention in writing this blog is to share my experiences, my journey to re-discovering and growing my creative self. The workshops that I will be writing about, are based on the teachings of the ASTAR process. My first contact with the ASTAR process was in October 2016, then again in October 2017, and now at last I´m able to fulfill this dream of mine, to engage and submerge in this process. And so it is only fitting that this terms theme is EMERGENCE. >>weiterlesen