22. 01. 2021

Exhibition – Glimpses of Light

GLIMPSES OF LIGHT | 24.08. - 30.09.2020​

Art exhibition
“Glimpses of Light” (Hamburg, Germany)

Not only in this extraordinary time, but daily, my art is exactly that for me: a possibility to free myself from the dust of everyday life, a moment in which I can hand over the worries or fears to the safe space of art making, giving me the necessary freedom to express myself. The process of art-making is a “glimpse of light” in my everyday life, and also a “glimpse of light” into my soul.

The artwork, paintings, collages and sculptures that are created during the intuitive art process are mirrors of my soul and a tribute to the beautiful world in which I live. They give me hope and strength and show me a way forward.

"Let the Magic In", Collage and mixed media, 50 x 50 cm